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Exotic Places to Visit in Senegal

Exotic Pink Lake in Senegal

Senegal is one of the most beautiful countries in the West Africa. It is an excellent destination for exotic summer vacation, even during the winter in north countries. The perfect sunny weather and the amazing beaches are the reason travelers to put Senegal into their must visit lists. One of the most popular touristic destinations is Île de Gorée – an island that once was a stop for slave ships, and now is a UNESCO world heritage.

The most visited natural beauty in Senegal is Lake Retba a.k.a. The Pink Lake. It is very shallow and salty so the locals harvest salt with their hands from the lake’s bottom. In sunny days the water is with bright pink color, warm and perfect for a swim.

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The Pink Lake is Must to See Attraction in Senegal

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The Goree Island in Senegal

The Goree Island in Senegal

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